TNGA 1 (South Carolina to FS32C)

At Coords Directions For

0. mi 34.919314 N,
-83.168622 E
Start. Proceed west on Hwy 28 from South Carolina border in the middle of a bridge over the Chattooga River. 2.203231 mi

2.203231 mi 34.940161 N,
-83.189377 E
Intersection with Warwoman Road. Bear left on Warwoman Road. Proceed west. 0.218849 mi

2.42208 mi 34.939615 N,
-83.192333 E
Intersection with FS86 (Overflow Creek Road). Turn right and head north on FS86. 3.323216 mi

5.745296 mi 34.957995 N,
-83.222229 E
Intersection with FS86C (Tottery Pole Road) at Owl Gap. Stay straight, proceed west on FS86C. Avoid FS86 to right. 4.314985 mi

10.060281 mi 34.933318 N,
-83.241031 E
Intersection with FS7 (Hale Ridge Road). Turn right and proceed north on FS7. 1.287956 mi

11.348237 mi 34.946383 N,
-83.248397 E
Intersection with FS7A. FS7A is unmarked at this intersection though, just look for a road closed barrier about 50 yards off of FS7 to the left. Turn left onto FS7A, go around the barrier and proceed west. 0.490318 mi

11.838555 mi 34.945490 N,
-83.255059 E
Intersection with FS156A. FS156A is unmarked at this intersection. Avoid roadbed to right. Stay straight on FS156A and continue west. 2.162583 mi

14.001138 mi 34.923167 N,
-83.258675 E
Intersection with FS156 (Sarahs Creek Road). Turn right on FS156 and proceed north. 0.619012 mi

14.62015 mi 34.928709 N,
-83.264125 E
Intersection with FS155 (Walnut Creek Road). Turn left onto FS155 and proceed southwest. 5.465998 mi

20.086148 mi 34.935798 N,
-83.318848 E
FS155A intersects from the left. Stay straight on FS155. 1.283691 mi

21.369839 mi 34.939285 N,
-83.328643 E
Proceed through gate. FS155 becomes less maintained. Look for Bartram Trail ahead on right. 0.028978 mi

21.398817 mi 34.939351 N,
-83.329099 E
Just past the Bartram Trail, look for a trail to the right. This is the Darnell Creek Horse Trail. Turn right and follow trail north. 0.492668 mi

21.891485 mi 34.944180 N,
-83.329689 E
Tree with purple marking paint. Ramey Field Trail enters from right. Turn right and follow Ramey Field Trail. 0.126934 mi

22.018419 mi 34.945842 N,
-83.329335 E
Cross creek, proceed through campsites. Trail becomes an old roadbed - Old Darnell Creek Road. Proceed on Old Darnell Creek Road. 0.573413 mi

22.591832 mi 34.953282 N,
-83.330075 E
Go around barrier and proceed north on FS150 (Darnell Creek Road). FS150 is unmarked at this intersection. 2.069599 mi

24.661431 mi 34.955651 N,
-83.333712 E
Pass shooting range. 2.601881 mi

27.263312 mi 34.959235 N,
-83.362734 E
FS150 ends. Continue on paved Darnell Creek Road. Darnell Creek Road is unmarked at this intersection. 1.536742 mi

28.800054 mi 34.957832 N,
-83.386568 E
Intersection with Hwy 441. Go left on 441 and then right on School Farm Road. Follow School Farm Road around behind Nacoochee School. 1.025345 mi

29.825399 mi 34.964479 N,
-83.394497 E
Go left on unpaved Neville Road. 0.874318 mi

30.699717 mi 34.971280 N,
-83.405349 E
Neville road continues to right. Stay straight on Ov Justus Road. 0.637671 mi

31.337388 mi 34.971008 N,
-83.415863 E
Ov Justus road becomes paved, continue. 0.53721 mi

31.874598 mi 34.975478 N,
-83.421410 E
Intersection with Betty Creek Road. Go left and proceed west on Betty Creek Road. 1.32206 mi

33.196658 mi 34.983521 N,
-83.440116 E
Intersection with FS32 (Patterson Gap Road). Turn left and proceed west on FS32. 5.594584 mi

38.791242 mi 34.960606 N,
-83.490825 E
Intersection with FS32C. Finish. 0. mi