TNGA 2 (FS32C to Hwy 197)

At Coords Directions For

0. mi 34.960624 N,
-83.490815 E
Start. Intersection of FS32 and FS32C. If you just came down FS32, turn right. Proceed west on FS32C. 1.047903 mi

1.047903 mi 34.955779 N,
-83.501329 E
Road intersects from left. Stay straight on FS32C. 0.400125 mi

1.448028 mi 34.959147 N,
-83.504880 E
4 way intersection. Stay straight/left on FS32C. 0.756922 mi

2.20495 mi 34.968563 N,
-83.506962 E
Creek has become diverted. Roadbed has become creekbed. Keep going. 0.053091 mi

2.258041 mi 34.969328 N,
-83.506886 E
Trail enters camping area with creek crossings. Turn hard left and continue toward FS54. 0.020231 mi

2.278272 mi 34.969328 N,
-83.507198 E
Intersection with FS54. Bear left and proceed south on FS54. 1.461604 mi

3.739876 mi 34.953202 N,
-83.518828 E
Intersection with FS54A. Continue south on FS54. 1.601692 mi

5.341568 mi 34.934303 N,
-83.520276 E
FS54 becomes Coleman River Road, continue south on Coleman River Road. 0.78245 mi

6.124018 mi 34.924214 N,
-83.518248 E
Intersection with Persimmon Road. Turn right, proceed west on Persimmon Road. 0.413766 mi

6.537784 mi 34.921997 N,
-83.524691 E
Intersection with Tallulah River Road. Turn right and proceed west on Tallulah River Road. 1.467734 mi

8.005518 mi 34.928559 N,
-83.544770 E
Tallulah River Road becomes unpaved FS70. Continue on FS70. 2.34704 mi

10.352558 mi 34.950995 N,
-83.552559 E
Tallulah River Ford, intersection with Charlies Creek Road. Turn left, cross river, proceed west on Charlies Creek Road. Cross several creeks and avoid intersecting roads from left and right. 3.17098 mi

13.523538 mi 34.958650 N,
-83.596215 E
Blue Ridge Gap. AT crosses here. Continue west on Charlies Creek Road. 0.885093 mi

14.408631 mi 34.958443 N,
-83.607212 E
Intersection with paved Upper Hightower Road. Proceed straight/left on Upper Hightower Road. 2.071858 mi

16.480489 mi 34.944479 N,
-83.633095 E
Intersection with Barefoot Road. Upper Hightower Road curves away to right. Stay straight and proceed on Barefoot Road which will soon become unpaved. 1.199432 mi

17.679921 mi 34.933476 N,
-83.630011 E
Barefoot Road becomes paved again. Continue on paved Barefoot Road. 0.557435 mi

18.237356 mi 34.927121 N,
-83.632693 E
Intersection with Hwy 76. Turn left and proceed east on Hwy 76. 2.57881 mi

20.816166 mi 34.900785 N,
-83.608889 E
Intersection with FS164 at mile marker 1, near the end of a guardrail. FS164 is not marked at this intersection. Turn hard right, downhill and proceed around gate into FS164. 0.444025 mi

21.260191 mi 34.896895 N,
-83.608843 E
Gate, followed by intersection with FS164B. Go around gate and proceed ahead on FS164. Cross several creeks, avoid trails and roads to left and right. 3.677498 mi

24.937689 mi 34.858274 N,
-83.584681 E
Intersection with Hwy 197. Finish. 0. mi