TNGA 9 (Dug Gap to East Amurchee Road)

At Coords Directions For

0. mi 34.740448 N,
-85.016069 E
Start. Intersection of Dug Gap Road and FS202. If you just came up Dug Gap Road, turn left. Proceed on FS202. 0.635935 mi

0.635935 mi 34.733245 N,
-85.018451 E
Radio antennas. Bear left onto singletrack. Proceed south on Pinhoti trail through extremely rocky terrain. 3.472838 mi

4.108773 mi 34.685276 N,
-85.021498 E
Pinhoti trail joins another trail. Bear left and proceed on combined trail briefly, then turn right and continue on Pinhoti trail. 3.9823 mi

8.091073 mi 34.675577 N,
-85.037785 E
Intersection with FS207A (not marked at this intersection). Turn right almost 180 degrees and proceed north on FS207A. 1.239796 mi

9.330869 mi 34.689121 N,
-85.044286 E
Bear right on short strip of singletrack and join old roadbed. Bear right on old roadbed. Cross several creeks. 1.328042 mi

10.658911 mi 34.705639 N,
-85.052054 E
Begin climb to ridgeline. Old roadbed gets narrower and narrower and eventually becomes singletrack. 4.582061 mi

15.240972 mi 34.664496 N,
-85.059274 E
Snake Creek Gap parking lot. Cross parking lot, cross road and proceed west on Pinhoti trail. 3.352914 mi

18.593886 mi 34.632082 N,
-85.068834 E
Trail intersects from the left and joins Pinhoti trail. Turn right and continue downhill. 0.044345 mi

18.638231 mi 34.632490 N,
-85.069435 E
Turn left and proceed on Pinhoti trail. 0.913845 mi

19.552076 mi 34.620388 N,
-85.068877 E
Pilcher Pond Trail continues ahead. Turn right and continue on Pinhoti Trail. 1.228845 mi

20.780921 mi 34.630665 N,
-85.080227 E
Intersection with Pocket Road. Cross Pocket Road and continue northwest on Pinhoti Trail. 1.507714 mi

22.288635 mi 34.623443 N,
-85.085055 E
Intersection with FS208 (unmarked at this intersection). Turn right and proceed on FS208. 1.075829 mi

23.364464 mi 34.626825 N,
-85.095237 E
Intersection with Pinhoti Trail. Turn right and proceed downhill on Pinhoti Trail. 2.509034 mi

25.873498 mi 34.619770 N,
-85.107092 E
Intersection with FS310 (unmarked at this intersection). Turn hard left and continue on FS310. 1.849299 mi

27.722797 mi 34.604495 N,
-85.115075 E
Go around gate, bear left, cross creek. Continue for a short distance on FS310. 0.06799 mi

27.790787 mi 34.604141 N,
-85.116094 E
Pinhoti trail intersects from left. Turn left and proceed southwest on old roadbed. 1.196512 mi

28.987299 mi 34.589574 N,
-85.124323 E
Intersection with singletrack. This intersection is easy to miss. Turn right and continue on singletrack. 1.122203 mi

30.109502 mi 34.592664 N,
-85.139687 E
Small parking lot. Intersection with East Amurchee Road. Finish. 0. mi