TNGA 10 (East Amurchee Road to Alabama)

At Coords Directions For

0. mi 34.592643 N,
-85.139740 E
Start. Intersection of Pinhoti trail and East Amurchee Road. If you just came off of the Pinhoti, turn left. Proceed south on East Amurchee Road. 0.28302 mi

0.28302 mi 34.589225 N,
-85.142101 E
Intersection with Manning Mill Road. Turn right and proceed on Manning Mill Road. 0.815455 mi

1.098475 mi 34.597076 N,
-85.150480 E
Intersection with FS227. Turn left and continue west on FS227. Cross creek. 0.107586 mi

1.206061 mi 34.596758 N,
-85.152046 E
Pinhoti parking lot. Turn left, proceed through parking lot. Go over dirt mound, look for Pinhoti trail markers to the right (easy to miss) and bear right onto Pinhoti trail. Cross power line cut twice. 0.417081 mi

1.623142 mi 34.592678 N,
-85.153344 E
Intersection with FS227A (unmarked at this intersection and easy to miss). Bear hard right and climb. FS227A is just a trail here but eventually widens and becomes a roadbed. 1.477891 mi

3.101033 mi 34.593703 N,
-85.172002 E
Intersection with FS227. Cross FS227 and continue on Pinhoti singletrack. 1.28034 mi

4.381373 mi 34.590249 N,
-85.188256 E
Intersection with FS269 (unmarked at this intersection). Bear right and proceed on FS269. 1.368494 mi

5.749867 mi 34.582733 N,
-85.204092 E
Intersection with West Amurchee Road. Turn left and proceed south on West Amurchee Road. 0.257807 mi

6.007674 mi 34.579208 N,
-85.202836 E
Intersection with Narrows Picnic Road. Turn right and continue on Narrows Picnic Road. 1.725123 mi

7.732797 mi 34.576823 N,
-85.230538 E
Narrows Picnic Road becomes unpaved FS259. Continue southwest on FS259. 0.277626 mi

8.010423 mi 34.574456 N,
-85.234283 E
Narrows Picnic Area parking lot. Look for stone pillar on left hand side of road. Parking lot is on the right. Bear right into parking lot. Proceed north on Pinhoti singletrack. 0.876268 mi

8.886691 mi 34.566001 N,
-85.243295 E
Intersection with FS259. Bear right and proceed south on FS259. 0.532623 mi

9.419314 mi 34.560223 N,
-85.248187 E
Multi-way intersection. FS259 proceeds downhill ahead to the left. Continue on FS259. 0.206448 mi

9.625762 mi 34.558031 N,
-85.250558 E
Intersection with Pinhoti Trail. This intersection is not very obvious. Trail marker may be missing. Bear right, go around dirt mount, proceed uphill on doubletrack. 0.741091 mi

10.366853 mi 34.548338 N,
-85.253884 E
Top of ridge. Bear left and continue downhill on Pinhoti Trail. 1.978517 mi

12.34537 mi 34.521231 N,
-85.262446 E
Intersection with FS259 (unmarked at this intersection). Pinhoti trail marker may be missing at this intersection. Turn right and proceed southwest on FS259. 0.736624 mi

13.081994 mi 34.513240 N,
-85.263465 E
FS259 becomes doubletrack. Continue on doubletrack which will eventually become singletrack and then doubletrack again. 1.502893 mi

14.584887 mi 34.507705 N,
-85.266072 E
Doubletrack becomes FS254. Continue on FS254. 2.626377 mi

17.211264 mi 34.479825 N,
-85.287723 E
Pinhoti trail to right. This intersection is well marked. Turn right and proceed on Pinhoti singletrack. 0.605369 mi

17.816633 mi 34.475783 N,
-85.292959 E
Intersection with Hwy 27. Cross Hwy 27. Proceed west, uphill on FS205. 0.460254 mi

18.276887 mi 34.470874 N,
-85.292562 E
Intersection with FS205A. Turn right and continue uphill on FS205A. 0.302949 mi

18.579836 mi 34.470485 N,
-85.296328 E
Pinhoti trail intersects from left. This intersection may be hard to find. Bear left and continue on Pinhoti trail. 4.42256 mi

23.002396 mi 34.420876 N,
-85.334823 E
Intersection with FS201. Stay straight/left and continue southwest on FS201. 2.189631 mi

25.192027 mi 34.394604 N,
-85.353888 E
Intersection with Pinhoti singletrack. Bear left and proceed downhill on singletrack. 1.859267 mi

27.051294 mi 34.389452 N,
-85.364338 E
High Point parking lot, intersection with Hwy 100. Cross parking lot, turn left and proceed south on Hwy 100. 1.049768 mi

28.101062 mi 34.375417 N,
-85.368629 E
Intersection with Starling Mill Road. Turn right and proceed northwest on Starling Mill Road. 0.196677 mi

28.297739 mi 34.376932 N,
-85.371526 E
Intersection with Pinhoti trail. Trail follows old railbed. Turn left and proceed on Pinhoti trail. 0.999722 mi

29.297461 mi 34.365366 N,
-85.363780 E
Intersection with Worsham Road. Pinhoti diverges from old railbed (which crosses private property) and rejoins at the end of the fence line. Continue on Pinhoti trail. 1.037853 mi

30.335314 mi 34.353055 N,
-85.372706 E
Pinhoti crosses 2 roads and passes through small group of homes and old buildings. Continue southwest on Pinhoti trail. 5.117996 mi

35.45331 mi 34.285277 N,
-85.396803 E
Intersection with Hwy 100. Simms Mountain trail is across the road. Turn right and proceed south on Hwy 100. 1.685309 mi

37.138619 mi 34.265640 N,
-85.395215 E
Intersection with Hwy 20. Turn right and proceed west on Hwy 20. 3.62583 mi

40.764449 mi 34.250831 N,
-85.454835 E
Alabama Border. Finish. 0. mi