Garrett Farms
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At the end of FS435, along Canada Creek lie the ruins of Garrett Farm. Now US Forest Service property, the area is used for all sorts of outdoor recreation and occasionally for military training exercises.

Artifacts and ruins litter the property: rock retaining walls, concrete slabs, cinder block footings, piping, roofing, fencing, cans and bottles. The most notable ruins are a pair of concrete silos sitting at the edge FS435 and a concrete slab and the abutments of an old bridge near the west end of the property.

The fields appear to have been maintained by the USFS as food plots. They are also used as landing zones for helicopters inserting and extracting Rangers from nearby Camp Merrill.

A small apple orchard, which still bears fruit, lines the edge of FS435 near the old concrete slab.

Beavers have taken over the far north-east end of the property and have built numerous dams across Canada Creek. Evidence of their civil engineering can be seen up and down the creek and a burrow, no-doubt leading to their lodge, can be found nearby.

At least 5 waterfalls along Canada Creek are accessible from trails leading away from the property, though finding each requires a bit of off-trail navigation as well.

The road in is rough in places, but negotiable by high clearance vehicles. 4WD vehicles are recommended in winter and during or after wet weather.

Coords: 34.686148 N -84.051407 W

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