Pinelog WMA
AKA: Pine Log WMA
in: Bartow County Area
near: White, Georgia

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printable map Last Trail Update: 2021-06-13


A Preliminary Report on a Part of the Iron Ores of Georgia: Polk, Bartow and Floyd Counties, Issue 10
Geology and Mineral Deposits of the Cartersville District, Georgia
Iron Ore Deposits of Georgia
Report on the Mining Industries of the United States (exclusive of the Precious Metals): With Special Investigations Into the Ir
Sugar Hill - Etowah Valley Historical Society
The iron manufacturer's guide to the furnaces, forges and rolling mills of the United States: With maps and plates

Pine Log Parking Lot
Pine Log Parking Lot (North)

Total Mileage: (note)
Bike/Horse Trail - 0.50 mi
Dirt/Gravel Road - 23.90 mi

Poplar Pit Road Spur (Doubletrack) - 0.22 mi
Shut-In Ridge Connector (North) - 0.28 mi

Donahue Road - 0.97 mi
Donahue Road (Gated) - 2.23 mi
AKA: Gate 5 Road
Dove Field Road - 0.72 mi
Grassy Hollow Loop - 7.87 mi
AKA: Main Road
Cotton Patch Road
Handicapped Access Road - 0.05 mi
Main Road Campsite Spur 3 - 0.08 mi
Oak Street (Unpaved) - 3.06 mi
Pine Log Game Check Station Lot - 0.05 mi
Pine Log Gap Road - 7.16 mi
Pine Log Parking Lot - 0.10 mi
Poplar Pit Road - 1.38 mi
AKA: Rock Quarry Road
Poplar Pit Road Spur - 0.24 mi
Administration Office Road - 0.42 mi
Bells Ferry Road - 3.63 mi
Brooke Road - 1.05 mi
East Valley Road - 5.40 mi
Falling Springs Road - 1.08 mi
Hwy 108 (Sutallee to Waleska) - 9.82 mi
Hwy 140 (Waleska to Rydal) - 11.36 mi
Hwy 20 (Canton to Hwy 75) - 16.51 mi
Hwy 411 (White to Rydal) - 4.88 mi
Landers Road - 0.91 mi
Little Refuge Road - 5.35 mi
Mt. Carmel Church Lane - 1.92 mi
Oak Street (Paved) - 0.15 mi
Old Tennessee Road - 6.34 mi
Richards Road - 0.40 mi
Scott Hudgens Drive - 2.71 mi
Stamp Creek Road - 6.56 mi
Sugar Hill Road (Section 1) - 1.00 mi
Sugar Hill Road (Section 2) - 0.05 mi
Vaughn Dairy Road - 1.37 mi
White Road - 2.55 mi

Points of Interest:
Neel Lake
Pine Log Game Check Station
Stamp Creek Church and Cemetery
Millers Chapel
Georgia National Cemetery
Mt. Carmel Baptist Church
Peachtree Ore Bank
Sugar Hill Iron Mine - Pine Hill Cut / Sugar Hill Pond
Lewis Iron Blast Furnace
Ore Banks Along Little Pine Log Mountain
Union Iron Blast Furnace
Lower Sugar Hill Creek Dam Ruins
Sugar Hill Iron Mine - Cripple Creek Ore Bank Pond
Sugar Hill Iron Mine - Bluff Mine Pond
Sugar Hill Iron Mine - Unnamed Cut
Conner Ore Bank
Sugar Hill Iron Mine - Sugar Hill Cut
Upper Sugar Hill Creek Dam Ruins
Jones Mill Ruins
Boston-Brooke Schoolhouse Ruins
Sugar Hill Iron Mine - Kinsey Cut
Pool Iron Blast Furnace

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