Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Mount LeConte Area
in: Great Smoky Mountains
near: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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printable map Last Trail Update: 2012-09-21

Alum Cave Trail Parking Lot
Chimney Tops Trail Parking Lot
Newfound Gap
Rainbow Falls Trail Parking Lot

Total Mileage: (note)
Hiking Trail - 21.31 mi
Horse Trail - 8.29 mi
Dirt/Gravel Road - 0.95 mi

Alum Cave Trail - 4.74 mi
AKA: Alum Cave Bluffs Trail
Appalachian Trail (Newfound Gap to The Boulevard) - 2.64 mi
Chimney Tops Trail - 2.00 mi
Cliff Tops Trail - 0.48 mi
Myrtle Point Trail - 0.18 mi
Rainbow Falls Trail - 5.97 mi
Rocky Spur Overlook Trail - 0.18 mi
The Boulevard - 5.13 mi
Trillium Gap Connector - 2.06 mi
Trillium Gap Trail - 5.98 mi
Trillium Gap Trail (Unexplored) - 0.25 mi

Loop Road - 0.91 mi
Rainbow Falls Trail Parking Lot - 0.04 mi
Alum Cave Trail Parking Lot - 0.08 mi
Chimney Tops Trail Parking Lot - 0.05 mi
Hwy 441 (Gatlinburg to Newfound Gap) - 16.68 mi
Newfound Gap Lot - 0.13 mi
Roaring Fork Road - 9.47 mi
AKA: Historic Nature Trail Road
Airport Road
Cherokee Orchard Road

Points of Interest:
Rainbow Falls
Grotto Falls
LeConte Lodge
Mount LeConte Shelter
Alum Cave
Chimney Top

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