James H. Floyd State Park
AKA: Sloppy Floyd State Park
in: Northwest Georgia
near: Summerville, Georgia

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printable map Last Trail Update: 2018-10-01

James H. "Sloppy" Floyd State Park

Backcountry Parking Lot
Upper Lake Loop Lot

Total Mileage: (note)
Hiking Trail - 0.26 mi
Dirt/Gravel Road - 0.12 mi

Backcountry Trail - 0.01 mi
Blueberry Thicket Nature Trail - 0.18 mi
Jenkins Gap Trail - 0.02 mi
Lake Trail - 0.03 mi
Marble Mine Trail - 0.01 mi

Backcountry Parking Lot Road - 0.11 mi
Lower Lake Lot - 0.01 mi
Campground Loop - 0.65 mi
Cottage Loop - 0.25 mi
Cottage Loop Spur - 0.04 mi
Lower Lake Road - 0.47 mi
Sloppy Floyd Lake Road - 4.18 mi
Upper Lake Loop Lot - 0.10 mi
Upper Lake Loop Road - 0.40 mi

Points of Interest:
Upper Lake
Lower Lake

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