Pool Iron Blast Furnace
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Built in 1855, owned by B. G. Pool and John W. Lewis. This furnace is sometimes referred to as the Lewis Furnace, which is confusing because the actual Lewis Furnace is located further north, also on Stamp Creek.

Ore was dumped in the top of the furnace. Air was blasted in through the tuyere arch on the left (southeast) side by a set of bellows, powered by a waterwheel. Molten iron flowed out of the casting arch on the front (northeast) side. Slag also flowed out of the casting arch, presumably to the right of the molten iron.

Slag heaps lie to the left (east) of the furnace. Though they are not as extensive as I expected them to be.

It isn't clear where the waterwheel and bellows were placed. No remnants of the race are visible in the creek. No remnants of the outflow box are discernible. The wheel may have been placed in the semi-rock-armored hole directly next to the furnace, and may have had a long race leading to it from well upstream. It just isn't clear.

The foundation of a small building lies uphill to the northeast of the furnace.

The hill above the furnace is terraced and appears to have been worked. Perhaps iron was mined on site.

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Bartow County Business Hall of Fame (John W. Lewis)
Pool Iron Blast Furnace
The iron manufacturer's guide to the furnaces, forges and rolling mills of the United States - 1859 (page 77)

Coords: 34.236498 N -84.679555 W

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