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Submit files via email to

The two types of files that I can handle most easily are GPX files and ESRI Shapefiles. I can also handle KML files, but only by first converting them to GPX format.

I'll accept just about anything, but to speed up the process of adding the data to the site, please follow as many of these guidelines as possible when submitting GPX files...

I have a generic GPX import utility that can make quick work of GPX files that are formed using those guidelines.

My Shapefile import process is a bit slower, always requires manual intervention and frequently requires coding. As such, there is no need to clean up Shapefiles too much, just send me whatever you've got and I'll try to sort it out. Try to provide the same types of information as described above for GPX files, if it's available. Shapefiles containing boundary polygons for areas and Shapefiles containing point data for trailheads or points of interest are sometimes availble. If so, they are also very helpful.

If anyone owns or has access to a copy of ArcGIS that can convert other geodatabase formats to GPX, KML or Shapefiles, please contact me. I recently downloaded GIS data from the USFS for all of the national forests in the US that it was available for, but some of the data is in non-Shapefile format. I can view it in ArcGIS Explorer Desktop but I cannot import it into this site. I could use help converting the data.

Trails are not automatically added to the site. All submissions will be reviewed, may be modified, and may or may not be included in the site. Once included, a trail may later be updated or even removed by the authors of the site. A trail is more likely to be included in the site if it's existence can be independently verified, for example on a map made by someone other than the submitter. If you have a scan of such a map or a link to one on the web, please include it in the email.

All data is presented for reference only. You assume total responsibility and risk associated with using this data.