Coopers Iron Blast Furnace
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AKA Etowah (River) Furnace.

Built by Moses and Jacob Stroup, and Mark Cooper in 1845, along with a blast furnace, foundry, nail factory, corn, flour, and saw mills. Cooper eventually became the sole proprietor. The land changed hands several times in 1862 and was ultimately conveyed to the Confederacy in 1863. Destroyed by Sherman in 1864.

Ore was dumped in the top of the furnace. Air was blasted in through the tuyere arch on one (or both) sides by a set of bellows, powered by a waterwheel. Molten iron flowed out of the casting arch on the front side. Slag also flowed out of the casting arch, presumably to the right of the molten iron.

This furnace is much larger than the other old furnaces in the area, most of which lie along Stamp Creek to the north.

I haven't actually been to this furnace yet, but it can be seen in satellite photos.

See the link for much more detail.

Cooper's Furnace aka The River Furnace

Coords: 34.164756 N -84.733726 W

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