North Cooper Lake Park
in: Atlanta Metro Area
near: Smyrna, Georgia

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printable map Last Trail Update: 2019-01-13

The chunk of land this park sits on has been used for a variety of purposes in the past.

The southwest corner was once an inert landfill. The ruins of an old water treatment facility still stand on the northwest corner. An abandoned antenna and radio shack still stand in the eastern section, along the entrance road. The northern section is covered in the tailings of some operation. The woods has since reclaimed most of the land.

Word has it that the earth excavated for the ball fields at Brinkley Park was brought in to cover the exposed remails of the landfill and make the land suitable for public use.

These days it has a playground, community garden, and network of paved and natural surface trails.

4201 N. Cooper Lake Road, Smyrna Georgia 30082

North Cooper Lake Park Lot

Total Mileage: (note)
Paved Trail - 0.18 mi
Bike Trail - 2.45 mi

Downfield Way Connector - 0.05 mi
Paved Loop - 0.13 mi
Add-On Trail Connector - 0.03 mi
Add-On Trail (Lower 1) - 0.12 mi
Add-On Trail (Lower 2) - 0.26 mi
Add-On Trail (Lower 2, Alternate 2) - 0.13 mi
Add-On Trail (Lower 2, Alternate 2A) - 0.09 mi
Add-On Trail (Main) - 0.73 mi
Add-On Trail (Main, Alternate 1) - 0.04 mi
Add-On Trail (Main, Alternate 2) - 0.03 mi
Add-On Trail (Upper) - 0.54 mi
Bike Trail - 0.44 mi
Downhill Run - 0.02 mi

North Cooper Lake Road Park Lot - 0.35 mi

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