Charleston Park
in: Atlanta Metro Area
near: Cumming, Georgia

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printable map Last Trail Update: 2018-06-15

The trails at this park are not yet open.

5850 Charleston Park Road

Forsyth County Government :: Charleston Park

Charleston Park Big Loop - 5.39 mi

Total Mileage: (note)
Bike Trail - 5.55 mi

Access Trail - 0.27 mi
Inner Loop - 1.11 mi
AKA: Loop A
Inner Loop Old Repeat Trail - 0.01 mi
Inner Loop Repeat Trail - 0.02 mi
Outer Loop - 3.85 mi
AKA: Loop B
Outer Loop Old Shortcut - 0.07 mi
Outer Loop Repeat Trail - 0.02 mi
Outer Loop Shortcut - 0.21 mi

Charleston Park Boat Launch Lot - 0.21 mi
Charleston Park Mountain Bike Parking Lot - 0.05 mi
Charleston Park Road - 0.54 mi

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