South Fork
in: Chattahoochee National Forest - Conasauga Ranger District
near: Blue Ridge, Georgia

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printable map Last Trail Update: 2012-12-11

24/7 except during organized hunts, use caution and courtesy during hunting season

South Fork Loop - 7.94 mi

Watson Gap

Total Mileage: (note)
Hiking Trail - 6.06 mi
Bike/Horse Trail - 3.80 mi
Dirt/Gravel Road - 37.73 mi

Benton MacKaye Trail (Dyer Gap to South Fork Trail) - 0.30 mi
Benton MacKaye Trail (North of Watson Gap) - 3.58 mi
Benton MacKaye Trail (South Fork Trail to Watson Gap) - 2.19 mi
South Fork Pinhoti Singletrack - 1.10 mi
South Fork Trail - 2.71 mi

Double Hogpen Road - 1.45 mi
FS124 - 2.21 mi
AKA: Patterson Creek Road
FS126 - 3.02 mi
AKA: Elliot Road
FS22 - 9.18 mi
FS22A - 2.48 mi
AKA: Sholey Creek Branch A
FS22B - 1.15 mi
AKA: Ice Cove Road
FS64 - 13.95 mi
AKA: Three Forks Road
FS64B - 0.07 mi
AKA: Jacks River Field Road
FS64C - 1.82 mi
AKA: Buddy Cove
South Fork Pinhoti Roadbed
FS64D - 1.44 mi
AKA: Dyer Mountain Branch D
FS64E - 0.95 mi
AKA: Dyer Gap Road

Points of Interest:
Eastern Pinhoti Terminus
Dyer Cemetery

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